Labrador Retriever Dogs-A Complete Guide (2021) and Myths

Whether you are a dog owner/enthusiast or not, you most definitely have heard of labrador retrievers. Often called simply labs or labradors, they are the most popular breed of dogs in the world. Affectionate, caring, fun-loving and energetic labradors bring joy and peace to their owners’ life. Having a dog is often regarded as the best cure for depression and mental illness. By 2023, there will be around 23 million pet dogs in India, with labradors occupying 70% of them.

Many famous people have at least one labrador retriever in their house. Cristiano Ronaldo, Bill Clinton, Steve Martin, Gwyneth Paltrow, Anne Hathaway, Hulk Hogan, Prince Charles, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Anushka Sharma-the list goes on.

Looking for a dog to adopt in India? You can safely go with a labrador.

Chocolate Labrador retriever
Chocolate Labrador retriever

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Here are a few pieces of information and frequently asked questions (FAQs) you may want to know about labradors.

Labrador dog price in India

Labradors are one of the most available and budget-friendly dogs in India. The price of grown-up labradors depends on their colours and genetic quality. On average they cost from Rs 5000 (bad genetics) to Rs 30000 (excellent genetics).

Labrador retriever puppies price in India

Most people prefer to adopt a labrador puppy. Their price ranges from 5000-10, 000 Rs in India, depending upon their colour, availability, breeding and genetics.

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Are Different coloured labradors different?

People often speculate that black Labradors are the best hunters, yellow labs are the laziest of the breed, but none of these claims is supported by experts. Just like humans, each dog is different, and are often bred developed according to the demands of skills in the field, while others are concerned more with the breed standard. However, none of these differences directly depend on the dog’s colour.

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Which colour of labradors is the most/least common?

The black labradors are the most common while the chocolate ones are the rarest.

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Labrador retriever temperament

Labradors are very friendly in nature. They make great company and bond with the whole family, and they socialize easily with neighbourhood dogs and humans.

How long do labrador retrievers live?

The average lifespan of labradors is around 12 years. A recent study showed that chocolate Labradors have a lesser lifetime-about 10 year. Many factors influence how long long a lab will live, e.g. diet, diseases, healthcare and most importantly, its bodyweight.

What problems do Labradors have?

According to petmd, The Labrador breed has a lifespan of 10 to 12 years. Some of the general health conditions that afflict Labradors are patellar luxation, canine hip dysplasia (CHD), and osteochondritis dissecans (OCD), which is canine elbow and shoulder dysplasia.

How do you discipline a Labrador retriever?

Just as you discipline your kid, reward and punishment strategy. Labradors are no different. Reward them gifts or toys, and when necessary, withdraw them.

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Which Colour Labrador is the most intelligent?

People often associate a labrador’s IQ with their colour by claiming that black labradors are the smartest. But, maybe the reason is black labs are simply more in number. This article claims that yellow labs are the most intelligent. They also stated that chocolate labs are less intelligent because they are bred in the wrong ways by the breeders, just for sake of more money.

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Which color Labrador is the calmest?

According to Dogopedia, yellow Labs are the sweetest and kindest, while black Labradors are the calmest and most patient, and chocolate Labs are the most boisterous and wild.

What Color Labrador is the rarest?

Chocolate-coloured labs are the rarest and costliest. Black labradors are the cheapest and most available.

Are boy or girl labs better?

Some believe that the male dog is more affectionate and easier to train, while the female dog is more aggressive and protective of its owners and puppies. Female dogs have one more problem-they are often uncontrollable during hormonal heats.

What Color Labradors sheds least?

Many dog lovers believe that yellow Labradors shed the most. That leaves black and chocolate labs as the least shedders.
That may be the reason why more people would look for black and chocolate-colored Labs. Unfortunately, that isn’t really the case. Shedding can differ from dog to dog, regardless of their color. Yellow labradors don’t necessarily shed more than black labs, but light-colored fur contrasts more than black hair on non-white surfaces.

Are black Labradors aggressive?

There is no proof that the dog’s aggressiveness is associated with their skin color. Perhaps, more people may have been bitten by a black labrador simply because they are highest in numbers.

How long can Labradors be left alone?

Do Labradors bark a lot?

No, labs generally don’t tend to bark always. They are very calm and composed when they are grown-up.

At what age do labs calm down?

Just like human kids, labradors pups are also hyperactive when they are young. Knocking children over, barging into old ladies, and jumping up at visitors are common crimes. Usually, it takes 2 years for them to calm down and behave maturely.

How often should a labrador be walked?

A normally healthy adult Labrador Retriever will need 1 hour of exercise every day. The more relaxed Labs just 45 minutes per day, the more energetic 1.5 hours+. This can be made up of running, swimming, playing fetch, jogging alongside you… anything that goes beyond a gentle walk. Read more

Will a Labrador protect its owner?

Any dog will instinctively try to protect its owner, labradors too will. But, don’t expect them to be like guard dogs.

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