These US States Are Most Obsessed with Cats

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Americans are widely known for their fondness for animals, but have you ever wondered which U.S. state harbours the greatest love for cats?, delving into a multitude of cat-related indicators ranging from Google search trends for cat memes to pet ownership rates and feline-focused events, has now unveiled the states that exhibit the most profound obsession with our feline companions.

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In an astonishing revelation, it turns out that Wyoming reigns as the most cat-crazy state in the nation. A staggering 72 per cent of households in Wyoming are proud owners of one or more pets, with 30 per cent of these households embracing the company of at least one cat. Furthermore, an exceptional adoption rate of 87 per cent solidifies Wyoming’s deep devotion to feline companionship.

Securing the second spot on this cat-loving leaderboard is none other than Rhode Island. This state witnessed a remarkable 4,560 searches for the term “cats for adoption” and boasted an impressive adoption rate of 75 per cent in the year 2023. With an astonishing number of over 29,000 cat-related content searches, Rhode Island residents revealed their insatiable hunger for all things feline. Cat memes were in high demand, garnering 6,900 searches, while cat videos commanded a significant 2,150 searches.

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Nestled in third place is the scenic state of Vermont, flaunting the third-highest adoption rate in the entire country at a commendable 91 per cent. Moreover, a remarkable 70 per cent of Vermont’s residents welcome the joy of pet ownership into their households, with nearly 45 per cent of them cherishing the companionship of one or more cats. The passion for cats in Vermont manifested itself through a remarkable 5,754 searches for cat memes and an additional 2,946 searches for cat videos.

Conversely, New Jersey, unfortunately, emerges as the least enthusiastic state when it comes to embracing the feline way of life. Boasting a relatively low cat ownership rate of 18.9 per cent, New Jersey residents seem less inclined to share their homes with our whiskered friends. Additionally, it appears that the average insurance cost in the state is relatively high, amounting to $18.71 per month.

On the flip side, the title for the state most fervently adopting cats goes to Nevada, where an outstanding adoption rate of 94 per cent was achieved in 2023. The citizens of Nevada have truly demonstrated their commitment to providing loving homes for our feline companions.

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Shifting our focus to the lovers of cat content, Massachusetts residents claim the crown as the biggest enthusiasts. Over the course of a year, these residents conducted an astonishing 75,400 Google searches for cat-related videos, further underscoring their insatiable thirst for feline entertainment. In their leisure time, Massachusetts residents seek out the pleasure of interacting with cats, as evident from their overwhelming searches for “cat cafes near me.”

With their unwavering adoration for cats, these states captivate us with their undeniable passion for our four-legged friends. Their love manifests in various forms, from adoption rates that tug at the heartstrings to the endless pursuit of cat-related content.

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