21 Best Cat Breeds in India with Price and Lifespan

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It is very hard to decide which cat breeds are the best since most cats are friendly (and, of course, cute!) regardless of their breeds.

Persian cats, Maine Coon cats, and British Shorthair cats are all popular cat breeds in India. These breeds possess natural beauty, and friendly temperaments and need minimum grooming.

Furthermore, these breeds can be easily found in India. So, if you’re looking for the list of the most popular cat breeds available in India, then you’re at the right place!

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Let’s check out the best cat breeds in India.

Persian Cats

Persian cat price lifespan in India
A Persian cat

The Persian cat breed is most commonly spotted in Hollywood films (remember Snowbell?) and can catch anyone’s attention with its looks. They have long white hair and twinkling eyes. The demand for this breed is catching up in India rapidly. They are a little fussy by nature and require the owner’s attention and proper grooming. Persian cats can be the best cat breeds for cuddling.

  • Persian cats can live up to 12-15 years
  • Persian cats cost Rs. 15000 to 20000 in India

Munchkin Cat

Munchkin Cat Breed price lifespan
A Munchkin Cat

A relatively new breed of cat characterized by its very short legs caused by a genetic mutation, the Munchkin cat breed is considered the original breed of dwarf cat.

This cat breed was introduced only in 1995, triggering widespread controversy concerning their health, owing much to their genetics. But munchkin cats are considered by cat lovers the most adorable and cutest breed of cat in the world. The munchkin kittens are affectionately referred to as cheese balls.

Some health problems can develop due to their short legs. Lordosis is a condition that causes the spine to dip down and put pressure on the heart, lungs, and trachea, and it can be fatal as the organs begin to grow.

  • Munchkin cats can live around 13-15 years
  • Munchkin cat price in India: Rs. 25000

Billy (Indian native cat)

Billy (Indian native cat)
Billy (Indian native cat)

These are the most well-known breed of cats in India. They are very affectionate, playful, beautiful, and well-suited for the Indian climate. They live long without much attention and clean themselves with their tongue. Their short coat means you don’t have to worry about shedding.

But, these cats often eat food from the kitchen or push valuable things and break them. So, be careful.

  • Indian cat lifespan: 20 years
  • Indian native cat price: Zero to Rs. 5000

Scottish fold cats

Scottish Fold Cat Price, Monthly Expense, Lifespan and More
A Scottish Fold Cat

You might already be familiar with the elite cat breed known as the Scottish fold. They get their name from their folded ears, and their large eyes give them a distinct look. Scottish fold is a medium-sized breed (9 to 13 pounds), and they’re, like, obsessed with their owners. They live for human affection, and they’re not spooked by loud noises, which means they’re a good fit if you live in a big city.

  • Scottish fold cats can live up to 10-15 years
  • Price of Scottish fold cats in India: Rs. 50000
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Himalayan Cat

Himalayan Cat
A Himalayan Cat

Himalayan cats are also known as colorpoint Persian. With fluffy hair and blue eyes, these are some of the most beautiful cat breeds available in India. Their coat is mostly white, but color variations are also seen.

  • The lifespan of Himalayan cats varies from around 9 to 15 years
  • Himalayan cats cost Rs. 10000 to 20000 in India

Mumbai Cat (Bombay Cat)

Bombay Cat
A Bombay Cat

These black cats remind us of the black panther. Black fur, large and long body with golden eyes, the Bombay cats are very playful, energetic, and brilliant. They have a knack for learning tricks. They are ideal as pet cats for apartments.

  • Bombay cats live for 15-17 years
  • Bombay cats cost Rs. 10000 to 15000 in India

Siamese Cat

Siamese Cat
A Siamese Cat

Siamese is a very common medium-sized breed of cat and has slender legs, oval paws, and triangular hind legs. They have a brownish-cream athletic body.

  • Siamese cats live for 10-12 years
  • Siamese cats cost around Rs. 30000 in India

Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon Cat
A Maine Coon Cat

They are known to be the oldest cat breeds in history and are also considered one of the most suitable breeds to adopt. They are quite adaptive by nature and have non-fussy behavior. They are considered well-behaved and have a friendly attitude and thus one of the best cat breeds for families.

  • Maine coon cats have an average lifespan of 15 years
  • Maine coon cats cost Rs. 15000 to 20000 in India.

Russian Blue cats

Russian Blue cats
Russian Blue cats

The Russian Blue is a cat breed with colors varying from light shimmering silver to a darker slate grey. They are known for their striking green eyes and dense, soft double coats. Russian Blues are gentle and affectionate cats that are easy to care for. They do not demand much attention and are relatively independent. Russian Blues are an ideal companion for inattentive cat owners and those who work from home.

  • A pure-blooded Russian Blue kitten can cost anywhere between INR 30,000- 90,000.
  • The Russian blue has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years in age

American Bobtail Cat

American Bobtail Cat
An American Bobtail Cat

The most adorable part about The American Bobtail Cat is its tail. As the name suggests, these cats can be recognized by their bobtail, which is one-third of their total body length. They have a sturdy body type and shiny coats with long hair. They are fluffy, and their eyes can be of any color. Plus, they are quite playful by nature and adaptive to new environments.

  • American bobtail cats have an average lifespan of 15 years
  • American bobtail Price is Rs. 10000 to 20000 in India

Rusty-spotted cat

Rusty-spotted cat
A rusty-spotted cat

If you consider yourself a true animal lover, then adopting this breed would be a noble deed. They have grey spots all over their body, and their tail is generally darker than their body color. They are sturdy and easily adjust to the Indian climate. They are affectionate and quite friendly by nature. Most importantly, you don’t need to buy them. Just walk into an animal shelter, and make one of your family members.

  • Rusty-spotted cats have an average lifespan of 15 years
  • The price of rusty-spotted cats in India is Rs. 10000 to 15000

Exotic Shorthair cat

Exotic Shorthair cat
An Exotic Shorthair cat

This cat is a variation of the Persian breed and is often more popular due to the nature of its coat. Unlike a Persian cat, an exotic cat has a short-haired coat, so grooming is much easier. Otherwise, it has all the traits of a Persian cat.

  • The lifespan of Exotic Shorthair cats is 12-15 years
  • The price of Exotic Shorthair cats in India is Rs. 25000 to 30000

Abyssinian Cat

Abyssinian Cat
An Abyssinian Cat

This breed is considered to be very intelligent and is very commonly referred to as “Aby-Grabbers.”

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Origin: These cats are originally from Ethiopia.

Appearance: The cat’s size can be categorized as small to medium. This breed has short in red, blue, or fawn and is completely famous for its ticked pattern of hair.

  • Abyssinian cats can live for 15-17 years
  • Abyssinian cat price in India is Rs. 30000 to 40000

American Curl Cat

American Curl Cat
An American Curl Cat

A very unusual cat breed that has curled-up ears, American Curl Cats are commonly referred to as “Peter Pan.”

Origin: This breed originally originated from the US.

Appearance: These cats are generally small and have medium-length hair, which comes in different patterns and colors, such as white, lilac, silver, chocolate, brown, gold, etc. They are born with very straight ears, which start curving after 3-5 years generally.

  • American Curl Cats can live for 14-15 years
  • The price of an American Curl Cat is around Rs. 10000-20000 in India

American Shorthair Cat

American Shorthair Cat
American Shorthair Cat

American Shorthair Cats are supposed to be the best-behaved cats with the friendliest nature. It is also a very smart breed of cat that is super active with strong and refined mental skills. They are considered among the united states’ best cat breeds.

  • The lifespan of the American Shorthair Cat is 15-17 years
  • American shorthair price in India ranges from Rs. 10000-20000

Origin: These cats originate from the US. Read more about them here.

Appearance: These cats are generally medium-sized, and as the name suggests, they have short hair and are seen in many colors, such as red, white, blue, silver, cream, etc. The cat generally has a long life span of about 15-20 years and is known to have some powerful hunting instincts.

Singapura Cat

Singapura Cat
Singapura Cats

The Singapura Cat, also known as the “Forever kitten” because of its small size, is one of the smallest cat breeds found in India. The weight of this cat is around 8 pounds, and it stays like this for its whole life. They have their origins in Singapore, and they were known as “drain kittens” because of their fondness for living in the gutters.

  • The average lifespan of Singapura cats is around 15 years
  • Singapura Cat breed cost in India is Rs. 25000 to 30000

If you want a small pet kitten, you can get a Singapura cat.

Origin: Crossbreed of sable-colored Burmese cat and the black American Shorthair cat.

The Birman Cat

Birman Cat
A Birman Cat

The Birman cat is one of the most beautiful cat breeds you can find in India. It is also referred to as the “Sacred Cat of Burma. “ It is believed to have originated from Burma and was later transported to France, where it became more popular.

  • Birman Cat lives around 15-18 years
  • Birman Cats cost Rs. 15000-20000 in India

It is a wonderful cat to keep as a pet as it doesn’t require too much maintenance. They are people-friendly, and they find comfort in staying with the people around them.

Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll Cat
A Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll is a large cat with different color points and blue eyes. Ragdolls are one of the most laid-back cat breeds. These cats are extremely relaxed and gentle.

Ragdolls are great family pet cats, and they even like being around children and other pets. They love to greet you when you go home and will sleep with you in your bed. They are quiet cats, and it won’t be a disturbance if you are intolerant to noise.

If you are looking to adopt a cat that is friendly, affectionate, quiet, and laid back, then look no further ragdoll is just the right pet cat for you. They are also considered by many as the best cat breeds for first-time owners.

  • The lifespan of Ragdoll Cats is around 14 to 15 years
  • Ragdoll Cats cost around Rs. 30000 in India.

British Shorthair Cat

British Shorthair Cat Breed Full Information
A British shorthair cat

British shorthairs are easy-going and Independent cat breeds. These cats are generally quiet, and they don’t like being petted as much as other cats. They are not very active and are generally laid back.

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British Shorthairs come in different colors, but grey remains the popular choice. These cats are gaining popularity in India but are not very popular as other cats.

  • A British shorthair cat can live 15-18 years
  • British shorthair cats cost around Rs. 20000 in India

Somali Cat

Somali Cat
A Somali Cat

These kitties have distinctive ombré fur that comes in four gorgeous shades. Somali thrive when they have a dependable person who pays a lot of attention to them, and they love to play as much as they’re here to cuddle. They’re also super-smart cats, so don’t be surprised if they find a way to get the catnip down from the top shelf when you’re at work.

  • Somali Cats can live for 12 to 16 years
  • Somali Cats cost Rs. 20000 to 30000 in India:

Oriental Shorthair Cat

Oriental Shorthair Cat
An Oriental Shorthair Cat

Oriental shorthair cats can be a bit of a nuisance to their owners, but only because they’ll love you so much. They’re the type of cat that will lie on your laptop while you’re trying to get work done, climb on the counter when you’re in the middle of cooking dinner, and mew at the door if you lock them out while you take a shower. But they can be really rewarding animals and will satisfy your need for companionship. Orientals are more than happy to be lap cats, so scoop one up if you’re looking for a kitty that will stick by your side no matter what.

  • The lifespan of the Oriental Shorthair Cat ranges from 12 to 15 years
  • The price of an Oriental Shorthair Cat is Rs. 20000 to 25000

Devon Rex Cat

Devon Rex Cat
A Devon Rex Cat

The Devon rex breed is frequently compared to dogs, as they want to be with their humans always—just like a puppy. They’ll follow you everywhere, but they don’t need much attention. Devons want to be part of whatever you’re doing—they even get bummed out if they’re left alone for too long! These guys max out at around 9 pounds, so they’re a good choice if you live in a small space.

  • Lifespan: 10-15 years
  • Price in India: Rs. 40000


We extensively covered the cost of cats in India for all cat breeds. Did you like this article? Did I miss including your favorite cat in this list? Let me know in the comments. Also, please share this article with your friends and family.


What is the best cat breed to have as a pet?

Persian, main coon, ragdoll, and siamese cats are ideal cat breeds.

What is the number 1 cat breed?

Persian and Exotic shorthair cats fight for the number 1 position in the most beloved cat breeds.

What is the best cat for beginners?

Maine Coon cat can be a good cat for beginners.

How much does a cat cost in India?

Most cat breeds come under the range of Rs.10000 to 20000 in India

What is the snowbell cat breed?

Snowbell, the popular cat of Stuart, is a Persian cat

Which cat breed is most loyal?

The ragdoll cat


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