Me-O Cat Food Review

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Me-O is one of the most-sold cat foods in India. MeO food comes in dry and wet variants, Meo also has creamy treats and Meo cat litter.

Me-O is manufactured by a Thailand company called the Perfect Companion Group. They understand that pet parents are keen on serving their pets a diet that is balanced and nutritious. This is why Me-O cat food is manufactured in an up-to-standard facility. The Perfect Companion Group ensures that there is continual development to ensure best practices are followed all through the production process.

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MeO cat food review

  • Gluten-free
  • Complete and balanced nutrition for cats
  • Taurine is an amino acid that is essential for the proper functioning of the eyes and to improve the cats’ eyesight
  • Vitamin C boosts cats’ immune systems and helps reduce the detrimental effects of stress on your pets’ health
  • Calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D help strengthen teeth and bones
  • Country of Origin: Thailand
  • Delicious and digestible dry cat food supplies omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids along with zinc to nourish skin and fur.

Variations, prices online, etc.

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ProductPrice on Amazon
Me-O Tuna Cat Food, 7 kgClick here
Me-O Adult Dry Cat Food, Chicken and Vegetable, 7 kgClick here
Me-O Persian Cat Food, 1.2 kgClick here
Me-O Persian Kitten Cat Food, 1.1kgClick here
Me-O Cat Food Salmon, 1.1 kgClick here
ME-O Dry Kitten CAT Food (Ocean Fish) 1.1 KGClick here
ME-O Kitten Lamb in Chunk in Gravy Pouch 80 G (Pack of 24)Click here
Me-O Creamy Treats with Bonito for Cats and Kittens-Pack of 5Click here
ME-O Creamy CAT Treats – Chicken & Liver Flavor 60 G Pack of 12 (720g)Click here

Is Me-O cat food good for cats?

Is MeO cat food safe? Probably. But it’s not nutritious enough for proper cat food. It’s the equivalent of feeding your cat junk food. I would look for something that doesn’t list cereals, grains, or rice as their primary ingredient.

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I would go for Royal Canin cat food instead.

You can (and you should) feed your cat homemade foods. Dry packages of food should only be served as refreshments.


Is Meo cat food good?

Me-O Cat food is relatively new to the Indian market and claims to hit the balance of economy & nutrition best. Meo seafood is a healthy, tasty, and nutritionally balanced diet to provide for your adult cat. Meo cat food easy to digest food is something that every cat enjoys, especially because of its flavor of seafood.


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